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That Oxford Girl by Tilly Rose Book Review

Title: That Oxford Girl
Author: Tilly Rose
Series: No
Link: Goodreads / Amazon
Rating: 3/5


Following on from the success of her internationally famous blog, Tilly Rose shares her unique insight into the student experience at Oxford University. She covers subjects such as applying to the university, a guide to choosing your college, the different societies and events offered, and elements of studying and community.

Packed with full-color photos (as featured on Rose’s widely followed Instagram account) and quirky illustrations, this a fun and easy-to-read guide to the Oxford student experience


Looking at That Oxford Girl, anyone could think that the book was made for the voyeuristic. For those who’d like to take a peep into the glamorous world of elite college life. I can say confidently that I’m one of those people. So that’s exactly how I went into the book; ready to ride with Tilly Rose’s ups and downs as she shares her secrets and memories of navigating the alluring Oxford University.

Yet as I made my way through the book I could help but reflect on my own college experiences instead. Oxford University is a world away from the small college I went to, but the experiences she drew on were so much like my own. Like Tilly, I remember college as a time where I could be silly with my friends, start and finish essays in a single night, and wonder how I tricked people into thinking I was smart enough to even do college.

That Oxford Girl isn’t just a book for those who aspire or are attending Oxford, but for anyone going to college. They can follow in the footsteps of Tilly and be inspired to make memories of their own, take chances, and aspire to push themselves academically. College is such a unique and fleeting time, reading Tilly’s experience made me both nostalgic and regretful. I’m happy for the memories it brought back, but for also reminding me about all the missed opportunities.

For any freshman who wants to take advantage of their college life, That Oxford Girl is definitely the book to inspire you.

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